“For years I have always given my clients, family and friends darby’s English Toffee because it’s so unique and memorable.  It has become a holiday tradition. ”  

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Marilyn Peters – Vice President 



Customer Reviews

"Our personalized Darby’s English Toffee wedding favors were a huge hit with guests…and simply delicious! "    -John and Kate Sparks

We Love What We Do


Our love affair with English Toffee began over 30 years ago, and has only become richer. We chose small-batch production so the freshness of our preservative-free ingredients will shine. We chose hand-made because, as any fine chef will tell you, the difference is “in the hands.” We sell only our signature rounds, never broken pieces, to preserve the indulgent look and superior integrity of our toffee. And we’ve created stunningly simple packaging to complete our quality standards and complement the good taste of our customers. We are proud to make and sell Darby’s English Toffee. It is our passion, and we genuinely love what we do.

 -Debbie McCune

P.S Our English Toffee is 100% hand-made and packaged in California.